PRADA Logo Jacquard Leather Tote Bag Brown BR3417


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PRADA Logo Jacquard Leather Tote Bag Brown BR3417

  • Product No


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  • Color


  • Size

    W28 × H23 × D12cm (11.02"/9.06"/4.72")

    Please forgive some errors.

  • Material

    Jacquard, Leather

  • Comes with

    Comes with Name tag

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  • Condition Rank


  • Outside condition

    (Scratches) slight scratches, abrasions
    (Stains) some stains, spots
    (Remarks) slightly lost it shape, slight crcks on leather, tear on piping

  • Inside condition

    (Scratches) slight abrasions
    (Stains) -
    (Remarks) -

Condition Rank

  • S

    Brand new.

  • SA

    Almost New very slight used,Mint condition.

  • A+

    Wonderful condition.Barely used.

  • A

    Excellent condition.Barely used.

  • AB+

    Great condition. Gently used.

  • AB

    Great condition. Used.

  • B

    Average,well used condition.

  • BC

    Poor condition.

  • C

    We do not sell items under this condition.

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