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Louis Vuitton Epi Set of 3 Card Case R20059 M63589 M63585

  • Product No

    R20059 M63589 M63585

  • Serial No

    CA0958 SP1908 SP1916

  • Color

    Tassili Yellow / Toledo Blue

  • Size

    W10.5 × H14.5 × D1.8cm (4.13"/5.71"/0.71")

    W7.5 × H11 × D0.8cm (2.95"/4.33"/0.31")

    H11 × D0.8cm (0.31"/4.33"/0.31")

    Please forgive some errors.

  • Material

    Epi leather

  • Comes with

    Comes with none

  • Management No



  • Condition Rank

    BCPoor condition.

  • Outside condition

    (Scratches) abrasions, scratches, corners rubbed
    (Stains) some stains
    (Remarks) slightly lost it shape

  • Inside condition

    (Scratches) some abrasions, scratches
    (Stains) some stains
    (Remarks) slight cracks, inside of pocket has some peelings Please purchase this item if you are willing to repair inside*

    Condition Rank

  • S

    Brand new.

  • SA

    Almost New very slight used,Mint condition.

  • A+

    Wonderful condition.Barely used.

  • A

    Excellent condition.Barely used.

  • AB+

    Great condition. Gently used.

  • AB

    Great condition. Used.

  • B

    Average,well used condition.

  • BC

    Poor condition.

  • C

    We do not sell items under this condition.

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